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Many of my signs are inspired by old vintage logos, images, advertisements and holiday themes. Once I see something I like,  I start fiddling around with it in Photoshop until I feel like it will work.  I then trace the new design onto a masonite board and I get to painting.


The final stage is the aging process which is achieved by a series of coffee spills, deposits of leaves, grit, dirt....a little smashing or hammering, and once it looks just right, it is done.

a little background


How did this sign making thing come about? At the start of the pandemic, my regular gig as a musician for Blue Man Group came to a grinding halt. Along with my music career, I am also an avid photographer and other than some outside small weddings and high school senior portraits, that also slowed down.


We were all home thinking about what was coming up next.


Being interested in sign work for awhile, this turned out to be a great opportunity

to give it a try.

I studied up a bit on techniques, ordered stuff and tried it out. 

My first go at it was this cool cat....and I instantly knew this was going to be "what I do". 

Be sure to check out the shop page and follow me on instagram. 
If you need a personalized sign or commercial work,
I also welcome special orders!



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